Continuo Organs


We are honored to be the primary continuo organ tuners for many of the major ensembles in Boston, including:

Handel and Haydn Society

Boston Baroque

Cantata Singers

Boston Early Music Festival

...among others

Whether in Equal Temperament, Valotti or Meantone, A415 or A440, we can tune in any desired temperament.   We have an extensive temperament library and if we don't have the temperament we are happy to tune to your temperament recipe.  If however you are unsure of what temperament to use, we are happy to provide historically informed recommendations based on the period, composer and instrumentation.

 Tunings typically take 30-50 minutes depending on the instrument.  We ask that the instrument be in the space it is to be used a minimum of 12 hours but ideally 24 hours so the instrument has time to acclimate to the space for best tuning stability.  


We are happy to refer you to organizations that have continuo organs for hire as well as cartage services.  There is no charge for this service unless we are asked to arrange rental, in which case there will be a $50 fee plus the rental and cartage costs which will be paid by the renter directly to those providing the organ and moving service.


After years of use and moving continuo organs can collect an amazing amount of dust and debris causing tuning instability, poor tone and poor key touch.  In addition, pipe stoppers may become loose with age as the leather gasket compresses allowing air to leak and producing poor tone and tuning instability.  We have experience disassembling and cleaning continuo instruments and bringing them to like-new condition.  This may include:

- Removal of all pipes

- Vacuuming interior

- Repacking loose stoppers

- Adjustments to key and stop actions

- Correcting voicing irregularities 

- Cleaning casework and keyboard, restoring finish where there are scratches and damage to the wood finish

​Typically a minor cleaning will take 6 hours while a thorough cleaning and disassembly of the instrument and adjustments can take 2 full days.  We recommend every continuo organ be thoroughly cleaned every 6-10 years to keep it in good condition and provide a longer service life.  

Below is an example of a thorough cleaning and regulation done for Emmanuel Music on their Klop continuo organ.  Note the photos showing the amount of dirt and debris that had accumulated over the years.  


Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a new continuo organ.

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