Continuo Organs


Of particular note is the 8' Stopped Flute. The scale of the bass pipes is increased for a more present bass line without a heavy quint presence.

Wood pipe tuning is of our new design and intended to be stable and simple to tune.  

All stops are divided bass/treble

All stops are full compass at all pitches

Details subject to change.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss purchasing one of these instruments.  We are happy to work with you to develop an instrument tailored to your needs.

OPUS 1: 3 stops, 2-4 ranks intended to be a workhorse for continuo use, easily transported, relatively lightweight

C-f, 54 notes, A415, 440

8' Gedeckt                      56 pipes, BBB-f#, stopped wood throughout

4' Traverse Flute            56 pipes, BBB-f#, stopped bass graduating to an open wood treble

Optional stops:

​2' Gemshorn (optional), 56 pipes, BBB-f#, wood, tapered

II Sesquealtera or Quint treble

Delivery, 4-6 months

Below, laying out pipework in 3D CAD.  Façade comprised of the lowest 13 notes of the 8' Gedeckt