Founded in 1970 by Craig Smith, Emmanuel Music was formed specifically to perform the sacred Cantatas by J. S. Bach.  46 years later they continue to do this as well as other works and have several recordings available.  

The Klop continuo organ has seen much use since it's purchase around 2000, perhaps one of the most used continuo organs in the Boston area.  Tuning this organ had been a bit more difficult: pipes were unsteady, speech problems and regulation inconsistent.  This was all due to years of accumulated dust in the organ as well as receiving dozens of tunings each year.  

Our work consisted of:

Disassembly of the organ from the windchest up

Cleaning all pipes

Checking tightness of pipe stoppers and shipping where necessary

Thorough vacuuming and cleaning of the entire instrument

Cosmetic repairs to the exterior case

Regulation and tuning

Below are some photos of this three-day process