Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, California is home to Casavant Opus 1362 (1930).  The Knight Organ Company has engaged our services to releather all pouchrails on-site.  The 4 manual, 41 rank organ has had additions over the years on supply-house wind chests.  These wind chests are also being releathered.

Per our standard practice:

  • Pouchrails are sanded clean and well corners are broken so there is no sharp surface to damage new pouches
  • New springs installed
  • Only water-soluble glues are used.  This facilitates future releathering with minimal work
  • New pouches of chrome tanned CPL leather are made to the same specifications as original, with .160" top valves
  • All cork "donuts" are replaced with a single bolster strip, tacked in place to facilitate future releathering
  • Supply-house chests have primary pneumatics that used white glue.  These were made new and use water-soluble glue
  • Releathering primary actions

Of upmost importance is making sure the work is carried out with future renewability in mind.  White glue is never used where a perishable material (leather) is adhered to a wood surface.  Some pouchrails have been releathered over the years with white glue.  Preparing these rails takes 2-3 times longer and subsequently cost more to releather; this process also removes more of the wood than when water-soluble glues are used. 

Expected date of completion is June, 2015