Whether for tuning, rebuilding or a new organ, we strive to maintain a high standard of quality in workmanship, materials and customer service.  Our rates are among the most competitive in New England when compared to other companies that maintain a similarly high standard of quality and service.

Our rate is $75.00 per person, per hour​, in 1/4 hour increments

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We do not charge for mileage, parking, tolls or other travel expenses
We do not charge for lunch breaks, coffee breaks or time needed to take a phone call or otherwise not be working for our client
We will bill for materials if more than $25.00
We will try to schedule more than one organ to tune in a day so as to reduce travel time and save both clients billable travel time
We offer discounts (see below)
We will charge you 1.5% for accounts that are past due (30 days)
We will charge you a $35.00 fee if a check is returned
We will stand behind our work and provide support 24/7 to all of our customers

We are happy to offer the following discounts:

​20% off your first tuning

​5% discount for a two-year service contract

10% referral discount, deducted on your next service call

Discounts may be combined and other discounts may be offered from time to time.

Discounts are void if balance becomes past due.  Discounts may not be applied to contract work.

Other rates, service and costs

Other services such as releathering, restoration or rebuilding work (Over $2,000.00) will be quoted and a contract for work will be provided. 

​Continuo organ tuning, flat rate, within Boston-metro area

Request for a restoration or rebuilding proposal is $500.00 (plus travel costs if not within 50 miles of Boston, MA).  This cost is deducted from the first payment on contract work.

Condition reports vary in cost as they can be just a few pages or over one-hundred pages.  The minimum cost for a condition report is $500.00.  This cost can exceed $2,000.00 for a 50+ page report with color photographs.  Our reports are tailored to your requests and needs.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us - there is no charge to call or email!