The chamber, existing components and structure were modeled in 3D CAD and several pipe layouts experimented with.  In the end we have determined that the layout as seen at left provides the best tonal egress and convenient tuning access.  Not shown on the windchest in front of the additions are the 3 ranks of pipes which sit in an "A" layout, following the lines of the chamber ceiling.

The windchest will be built of poplar and utilize electro-pneumatic action.  Materials and construction will mirror the existing Casavant windchest providing a seamless addition.  Winding will likewise be done in 26 gauge galvanized steel with seams soldered air-tight and painted to match the existing metal ductwork.  From materials to the square drive screws, construction details mirror existing work to provide a seamless addition.

Saint Anne in-the-Fields Episcopal Church

Lincoln, Massachusetts

​Additions to Casavant Frères, Opus 3523-A, 2005

​Originally installed in 1983 as a two-manual and pedal instrument located in the rear gallery, it was expanded in 2005 with the addition of a Choeur division above the altar.  The console was rebuilt at this time to accommodate the additions.  Only three of the five ranks were installed in 2005, in addition the bottom twelve notes of the 16' Bourdon and 8' Principal were left prepared-for future installation.

In July, 2015, W. Catanesye & Co. was contracted to complete the bass octaves 16' Bourdon and 8' Principal stops, providing restored vintage pipework and a new windchest.  The additions have been laid out using 3D CAD and construction is planned to begin in late July, 2015.


Saint Anne in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, Lincoln, Massachusetts

​The Reverend Kate M. Malin, Rector

Jonathan E. Ambrosino, Consultant & Tonal Finishing

Brian Jones, Interim Director of Music

Completed September 4, 2015