When renovations at St. Paul's included new restrooms, the blower and regulator for the M. P. Möller organ had to be relocated.  Many options were explored, including installing a new blower behind the reredos.  It was decided to move the blower, regulator and power supply to a room across the hall.  Rev. Strand constructed a blower box and frame to support the regulator.  Our work involved moving the blower and installing 26 gauge galvanized steel windlines, soldered air-tight


Prior to relocation, this equipment that feeds only the Great division (exposed and located to either side of the reredos) and the wind was unsteady and sagging when playing large registrations.  Relocating the regulator another 12 feet away  was very concerning.  The existing configuration was poorly installed, a 6" duct was immediately reduced to 4" after leaving the regulator, it then teed off to feed the wind chests on either side.  


Reusing only a few straight sections of duct, most of the windlines are new.  a 6" windline leaves the reservoir and is teed off in the reredos, the 6" windine continues to both chests and is then reduced to 4" just before entering the windchests.  Increasing the size of the windline as much as possible meant more cubic feet per minute could flow, reducing the size after the tee also helped this in the same way.  


Wind, while not completely steady, is vastly improved and shakiness and wind sag is less noticeable.

Work included:

  • Relocation of blower, regulator and power supply
  • Reconfiguration of windlines, reusing old lines as much as possible
  • New duct in 26 gauge galvanized steel, soldered air tight with eutectic  solder
  • New flanges as needed, made of 26 gauge galvanized steel and 1" poplar plywood, in the Skinner style
  • Consultation with the rector for construction of support frame and blower box
  • Consultation with electrician to disconnect and reconnect A.C. electrical equipment​

The Rev. Jon C. Strand, Rector