Regular maintenance is essential not only to provide a reliable, in-tune instrument on which to make music, but also to preserve the instrument for years of service by addressing minor maintenance issues before the become a problem.    

Most pipe organs need two visits per year: once when the weather gets cold (Christmas Tuning) and again when the weather warms up (Easter Tuning). This is not the case for every instrument; some only require one visit a year while others may need monthly or even weekly attention. Careful maintenance will keep an instrument reliable and the tuning stable. Below are some of the areas that are addressed on a standard maintenance visit.

  • Pitch and temperature in each division is recorded 
  • All stopped flutes & reed stops are checked and tuned
  • Minor regulation to pipes is done as needed
  • Organ chamber cleaned as necessary
  • Action is adjustments as necessary
  • Console function checked (keys, stops, couplers, pistons, etc.)
  • Mechanical action adjusted as needed (either seasonally or as needed)
  • Console cleaned & under the pedalboard is vacuumed (if removable)
  • A report of the maintenance and tuning accomplished and future maintenance concerns is submitted
  • Once every two years, or as requested, a letter stating the replacement cost of the organ is provided for insurance purposes. After the building itself, the pipe organ is the next most expensive item to replace.

 Whether a small one-manual tracker, continuo organ or a large electro-pneumatic instrument, each organ recieves the same quality care. Should you have any questions or would like to schedule a maintenance visit, please don't hesitate to contact me.